Inkscape 0.47 en paquete deb

Inkscape es un editor de gráficos vectoriales de código abierto, compatible con los estándares XML, SVG y CSS.

Ha sido liberada la versión 0.47 de esta importante aplicación con estos cambios:

  • Timed autosave: no more lost work
  • Spiro splines: an exciting new way to work with paths, fully supported in Pen, Pencil, and Node tools
  • Auto smooth nodes: a new type of node that keeps the path as smooth as possible as you move it or its neighbors
  • New modes in Tweak tool: pushing and jittering whole objects, scaling/rotating objects, deleting and duplicating using the "soft brush"
  • Reworked, much more usable snapping system and a Snapping toolbar
  • New path effects, including sketch, hatching, envelope deformation; effects can be stacked and assigned to groups
  • A huge collection of preset filters in the new Filters menu
  • New cairo-based PS and EPS export: improved quality, more features supported, fallback rasterization for filters and transparency
  • Spell checker for text objects in a document
  • Many new extensions: restacking, calendar, printing marks, cartesian and polar grids, interpolating attributes
  • Optimized SVG code options, now with their own Preferences page
  • Many other improvements, usability tweaks, memleak stops, and misc bugfixes.


Lo puedes instalar en Karmic con el paquete deb correspondiente:





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